16 September 2009

Stalinist Calvin Tucker ridiculed by Marxist

It appears that someone else has got Calvin Tucker's number. It turns that a Marxist fellow, called Louis Proyect, has taken the trouble to ridicule Stalinist Tucker, well known in the Venezuelan blogosphere for his threats of physical violence, open support for Hugo Chavez's violent attempt to overthrow democratically elected Carlos Andres Perez, admirer of Fidel Castro, and all round apologist of about any leftist totalitarian regime, and fundamentalist and narcoterrorist 'insurgent' movements.

Mind you Calvin Tucker is the sort of person who takes pride in having disfigured someone so badly that it needed reconstructive surgery to his face, and then turns indignant when someone else questions his mental sanity. However there is one allegation by Tucker in the comment section of Proyect's blog that caught my attention:

No doubt Proyect is unaware that Hugo Chavez has quoted me at great length on prime time Venezuelan TV.

So here's a public invitation to Calvin Tucker, or to any chavista for that matter, to provide evidence that Hugo Chavez has quoted crackpot Calvin Tucker at great lenght on prime Venezuelan TV. At a time when the Venezuela Information Office is allegedly being dismantled owing to its sheer uselessness in crafting a positive media image of the dictator in the USA, it seems that Chavez apologists are losing all sensible relation to reality. Now Tucker is meant to be worried that current (?) and future employers can access his questionable past and dirty little connections with rogues online, but he does not think of that when he spreads all over the web baseless allegations against me. What a hypocrite.

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