6 December 2009

BANINVEST owner arrested: will Google results change?

Miguel reported yesterday, that the Chavez regime had taken over a group of banks belonging to Pedro Torres Ciliberto and Arne Chacon Escamillo. BANINVEST is among the financial institutions nationalised by Hugo Chavez. The news came only days after Diosdado Cabello's front man saw the regime strip him of an ill acquired fortune. Needless to say that this is but another example that things aren't well in Venezuelan socialist paradise, where corruption rackets are run by people in the first circle, as Solzhenitsyn would say. Chavez is the ultimate culprit, for he has allowed unseen levels of graft to flourish in front of his very nose: his brothers, his mother and father, his closest confidants and collaborators, every member of the first circle is the head of some multimillion racket. Furthermore, Chavez is directly responsible for the loss of income his aid to dictator Fidel Castro -anywhere between 54,000 and 120,000 BPD depending on sources- represents. We're talking billions here. In any case, as Miguel has argued, Hugo Chavez can't claim ignorance about these issues.

However I don't think anyone should take solace from these news, for Chavez can't do without the thugs that prop him up through politicking and money laundering, unless they are replaced by other ones. He is after all just one man. This, in my opinion, is mere posturing, an intermezzo, a show. There are crucial elections next year, the outcome of which could mean that Chavez will have to throw away the remaining democratic leaf, if he is to remain in power. These acts are mere props to make his ignorant followers believe that he's tough, as Tony Blair would say, on crime and the causes of crime. This is, as a matter of fact, nothing but posturing, self preservation, Chavez at his histrionic best.

But then, I would like to know whether Google search results, from where a link exposing Arne Chacon's BANINVEST mysteriously disappeared from the first page, will change.

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