8 December 2009

Is Smartmatic issuing threats now?

For future reference, and before further investigating the IP address from where comment was sent, I would like to leave a public record of a veiled threat that an alleged Smartmatic employee has made, in the comment section of this post:
I happen to WORK for Smartmatic, which I got acquainted with back in 2001. I KNOW about voting systems (which Mr. Alek Boyd does not). I KNOW the owners of this company personally (which Mr. Alek Boyd does not, either, he insists on saying the owner is Hugo Chavez, which is a lie), and I believe they are honest, hard-working & talented professionals (which Mr. Alek Boyd is not and will never be). I am revolted at the lightness whith which Mr. Alek Boyd tells lies and more lies, accusing Smartmatic of sins which he has never supplied any evidence of, and accusing Smartmatic's technology --which he doesn't know anything about-- of ills that exist only in his imagination. The only purpose Mr. Alek Boyd seems to have is to inflict as much harm as he can to a decent, righteous and capable company and the hard-woking, talented people it hires. That purpose seems to have sponsors, most probably to be found among those companies who have lost important bids and contracts to Smartmatic, and now want blood. So, it is apparent that Mr. Boyd has found a reliable source of income --as long as he keeps spitting his venom at Smartmatic. I wonder if he can keep doing so and still get away with it.
This is not the first time this has happened, and it won't be the last. For that's the only thing chavistas excel at, threatening and terrorising people. Fortunately, for my wellbeing, I live in London, and not in Caracas, where my life could be dispensed with rather easily, and make the whole thing look as another example of common crime. I won't delve in debunking the message, for Smartmatic is doing a stellar job in fuelling all sorts of conspiracy theories themselves, by, for instance, having refused to open up when a CFIUS probe was launched. I am afraid that it's Smartmatic that needs to clear its past, not me. I have no relations with dictators, and, most certainly, I have never taken more than a $100 million to provide services to militaristic caudillos.

An update: the IP address of the Smartmatic employee is (DISTRITO FEDERAL, CARACAS, CANTV SERVICIOS VENEZUELA)

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight, Alek. Smartmatic is now seeking to destroy the election process in my country, the Philippines, where in May 2010 they say they will be ready for the national elections. However, they have to hire at least 40,000 techies to help them man the polling places. They have yet to hire a single one. Regarding the sourcing of their so-called voting machines, a few weeks ago, they announced that they just switched suppliers from Taiwan to China, where cheaper but less quality goods are available. They claim to be able to have thousands of sites for polling places from which to transmit the election results, yet even the dominant cell phone carrier, which has been in business for about ten years has only been able to build 9,000 of these cell sites. Yet the Smartmatic Company promises that they will install thousands and thousands of these before May, 2010. They have at this time to set up a single one. It is well known here that Smartmatic is the company that made Chavez President. It is feared here that they will purposely, in cahoots with several powerful politicians, to set the stage for a failure of elections, thus keeping the positions in their place.