23 February 2010

BBC Global Blogging Event - 18th March 2010

The BBC is organising a blogging event here in London, 18 March, that seems an extraordinary initiative: bloggers from around the world will be able to live blog, tweet, buzz -insert preferred method here-, conversations about issues affecting them, in their own language! This will in turn be posted/broadcast across BBC platforms, such as BBC World TV, World service radio, BBC Blogworld, and BBC World Have Your Say. I am honoured to have been invited to this event, that has been referred to as a "social experiment", and can only hope that our opinions will be heard far and wide. The event will take place in Shoreditch Town Hall, on the 18th of March, from 1300 - 1900 UK time.

In the words of BBC's Karnie Sharp: "Just to say I came out of a meeting just now, and the editor in charge spoke about the conversations being brought down to ONE conversation at the end of the day. Our central site will link to all conversations, BUT the one most gathering interest across the world would probably be the final conversation the "world" will have or lean towards."

An online show of democracy at work folks!!

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