28 June 2013

Banco del Pacifico payment to 500 Smart Solutions for Ecuador's surveillance program

Two days ago I posted some documents about a surveillance programme set up by Ecuador's Intelligence Agency (Secretaría Nacional de Inteligencia or SENAIN). It was fitting to post such information given news about Edward Snowden's alleged decision to get political asylum in Ecuador. As things stand, Snowden is still in Putinland, Ecuador is still willing to relinquish millions of dollars worth of preferential trade with the USA, and Wikileaks still hasn't published leaked documents about pervasive surveillance programs set up by Rafael Correa's regime in Ecuador. But I got more intel on the whole scheme (see below), specifically details about Banco del Pacifico's $2,925,000 wire transfer to Bank Leumi's former address at Graybar Lexington Av. in New York, account no. 0547946601, whose beneficiary is 500 Smart Solutions LLC, one of a shell group of companies set up by Gabriel Guecelevich for the purpose of selling Israeli's latest surveillance and phone tapping technology to Ecuador.

In addition, Ecuadorian sources have informed me that the $200,000 wire transfer from 500 Smart Solutions LLC to Goldman Holdings Inc. in Panama (see below), is a kickback payment from Guecelevich to Pablo Romero Quezada, Chief of Ecuador's Intelligence Agency SENAIN. Ecuadorian sources added that Romero Quezada receives frequent bribes through that company, registered by Morgan & Morgan proxies, and Romero Quezada's lawyer, Roberto Gonzalez Torre, would be the man in charge behind the proxies.

Banco de Pacifico $2,925,000 wire transfer to 500 Smart Solutions LLC account in Bank Leumi

500 Smart Solutions LLC $200,000 wire transfer to Goldman Holdings LLC


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