7 June 2013

Open Letter to Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen about David Osio

From right: David Rivera, David Osio and Congress-
woman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.
Dear Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen,

It's been a while since I was last in touch, so here's hope that this communication finds you well.

Not very long ago you participated, along with Congressman Connie Mack, Senator Marco Rubio (and now-disgraced former Congressman David Rivera) and others in an event in Capitol Hill, during which a group of my Venezuelan countrymen received recognition for their "distinguished contributions".

I do not know what sort of criteria was followed to decide which Venezuelan residing in the USA had made "distinguished contributions" to your country. What I do know is that many people were appalled and disgusted that David Osio was part of the group being honored. Others went even further, and suggested that the whole charade, arranged by David Rivera's Miami-based Venezuelan girlfriend, was paid for by Osio, to cleanse his sullied image, but it would be irresponsible of me, of course, to state that as fact rather than an appreciation based on the impressions of others.

In any case, I would like to ask you the following: did you, or any of your staff, do any due diligence on the members of that "distinguished" group? Can anyone specifically point out the "distinguished contributions" that David Osio has purportedly made to the United States? Are you aware that David Osio's financial group, DAVOS, alerts "US citizens, residents or any person located in the United States" through its website to refrain from considering its products and services? Ask yourself why Osio avoids U.S. regulation. Are you aware of the involvement of David Osio in the $500+ million ponzi scheme run by Francisco Illarramendi, through which workers of Venezuela's oil company lost a significant part of their pension funds? Were you aware that David Osio, through its DAVOS website, made the ridiculously misleading and totally false claim -immediately deleted after I called it- that his financial group had $1 trillion under management? Are you aware of the current professional relationships that entangle David Osio with utterly corrupt chavista officials from Venezuela? It is my belief he is one of the bankers of choice for the Venezuelan “boligarchy.”

David Osio eagerly employs the services of spin doctors and lawyers to silence his critics, and even takes matters into his own hands by sending baseless communications defending his "reputation" when it is challenged —sources have told me that he has even emailed you some of his preposterous defenses.

I would like to openly, and in good faith, warn you. The truth about David Osio and his enormous money laundering operation will one day make headlines. What will you say? That you didn't know? Or will you pretend that it never happened and retreat into silence, like Al Cardenas when confronted publicly about his dealings with corrupt chavista businessmen? Did Cardenas, by any chance, speak wonders to you about David Osio and did he tell you he had performed the proper “due diligence” about David Osio, that he is “clean”? Please be advised, Congresswoman, Al Cardenas has significant financial motivations to defend criminals like David Osio. Cardenas is in cahoots with a “due diligence” firm by the name of FTI Consulting, with its own criminal history. Al Cardenas is a fixer and rainmaker for his law firm, for FTI Consulting, and for his lobbying firm—and Venezuelans with ethical problems are his favorite targets.

Those of us from countries lacking rule of law are always grateful for the elected representatives of the U.S. Congress who stand tall against dictatorships and publicly denounce the crimes and abuses of authoritarian governments. You are one of the leaders in the congress who for years has championed the suffering of people from Havana to Hungary. We need you strong, and I consider it a duty to warn you when those with pecuniary interests, such as Cardenas, muddy the waters by trying to launder the reputations of unsavory businessmen like David Osio.

Alek Boyd

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