6 August 2007

Will the real Fernando Alonso please stand up?

It's been amusing to watch the rivalry between F1 reigning champion Fernando Alonso and team mate Lewis Hamilton. Having had the chance to see and sort of live through media reports from both English and Spanish camps I can conclude that neither is looking at things objectively. The Brits, fueled by the typical bullshit printed in tabloids, think that Hamilton is the second coming of Jesus Christ. The Spaniards, well for them is also a matter of national pride. For Hamilton surely has made an extraordinary debut in F1 though what the UK press fails to mention is that he is the first man in F1 history to be given the chance to drive, arguably, the best car in, arguably, the best team in its first season.

Fernando Alonso on the other hand is the reigning champion having dethroned none other than Michael Schumacher, again, arguably, the best driver in F1 history. No small feat considering the sort of equipment with which he achieved the feat. Curiously though no close associate of Alonso or indeed himself seems to remember such a phenomenal achievement and rather are spending an inordinate amount of time whinging about what Hamilton does or doesn't do, giving him a level of attention and importance the rookie certainly doesn't deserve.

But then the FIA demoted Alonso 5 places in the grid for allegedly having blocked Hamilton's final go at setting fastest lap, effectively handing the Brit Hungary's victory in a silver platter. Fair enough some will say, however will anybody please explain what article of the championship's regulations did Alonso violate? The internet is abuzz today with interpretations of comments from both drivers, alas there's nothing about which part of the regulations were infringed.

Hamilton is a good driver and has been driving for 13 years, hence hardly a rookie. Alonso should behave as what he is, F1's reigning champion, and stop giving consideration to the tabloids and Hamilton's inflated ego.

Unfortunately the sport is fast approaching Tour de France territory due to preposterous decisions from a ruling body stripped of credibility.