28 March 2011

Chavistas en Inglaterra

Vamos a estar claros en una vaina: chavistas hay por todos lados. En Venezuela, evolucionaron de ser una masa acéfala de simples resentidos sociales -pre 1998- a tener una denominación, bien definida, enmarcada dentro del culto político-unipersonal establecido por el héroe del Museo Militar, tambien conocido como comandante presidente Hugo Chavez. Pero, yo creo que es un error pensar que los chavistas aparecieron con Chavez. No. Eso no es así. Estaban allí, con su reconcomio latente, con sus absurdas expectativas, "disenfranchised" como se define en inglés. Arrechos con el mundo, con la maldita vida que los condenó a nacer en familias humildes, pobres, ignorantes. Chavez llegó y aplicó lo que ha sido su estrategia politica más exitosa: darle voz a quienes nadie representaba, a quienes nadie escuchaba, a quienes nadie paraba bola.

11 March 2011

Ken Livingstone in bed with Chavez and... with Gaddafi!

Colonel Gadaffi seems to the running out of friends [link]. His gross human rights violations of late [link] have galvanised all sides of the political spectrum, in their condemnation of atrocities in Libya [link]. There is, however, a small clique of thugs, and tyrants that are fully behind him: Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez [link]. Chavez's front man in the UK is Ken Livingstone [link]. In his capacity as President of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign [link], Livingstone is ever so eager to praise the "wonders" of the Venezuelan caudillo. For such task, he counts with the assistance of Diane Abbott MP, Tony Benn, Rodney Bickerstaffe, Bruce Kent, Caroline Lucas MEP and Ann Pettifor. The campaign, which he presides, seems to be run by Unite The Union, at least, that's the address given out in their solicitations for donations (link), though the phone number in the about page is that of the Trades Union Congress. Chavez, who thinks that Gadaffi is confronting a civil war [link] and has refused to condemn him [link], is trying to oxygenate is old chum, by making a peace proposal. This, coming from someone who got famous by leading a coup d'etat and has based his so called revolution on hatred and persecution, is risible. But Livingstone has not uttered a peep [link], about Chavez's association with Gadaffi, has he? So where does Red Ken stand on this issue? How about Unite the Union, and Ken's associates in the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign? And ultimately, what about Labour, what's Red Ed's position on connections of his man for London's mayoral race?

8 March 2011

Smartmatic revisited

In June 2003, the Venezuelan government bought through an intermediary, Omar Montilla Castillo, a 28% participation in a company called Bizta R&D Software C.A. for 300 million Bolivares [link]. Bizta was owned by Antonio Mugica and the late Alfredo Anzola, and was part of a consortium of companies (Smartmatic, Bizta, CANTV or SBC) contracted by Venezuela to automatise elections.

6 March 2011

Mark Weisbrot: Hugo Chavez's last propagandist standing

Mark Weisbrot in Caracas, fawning over Hugo Chavez and his 
Hollywood apologist Sean Penn. Photo source AP.
We already know that propaganda agents of Hugo Chavez resent being identified as such. From Gregory Wilpert, a once so called German - American independent scholar who was 'conducting research' in Venezuela, to Eva Golinger, who went fresh out of college in the USA to publish propaganda books in Cuba owing to her fanatic apologising for Chavez, these supporters of Hugo Chavez, are a bunch of foreign radical leftists that saw a window of opportunity with the Chavez regime, and are handsomely profiting from it. While in Venezuela, Wilpert married with Chavez's current consul in New York, therefore he's living a diplomat lifestyle at the Venezuelan taxpayer expense, and Golinger is becoming a household name as an 'advocate for social justice' in Russia, Cuba, Iran, Libya and Venezuela, for which she's getting princely sums. Unfortunately, for Wilpert, Golinger et al, the international media is no longer buying their line, or that of their paymaster. From Human Rights Watch, to the New York Times, fewer and fewer leftists are prepared to throw their lot behind Chavez.

5 March 2011

Julian Assange prefiere a Lukashenko sobre medios de Venezuela

Existe un record de mi posición con respecto a Julian Assange, y su Wikileaks. Lo que no había publicado, hasta ahora, es que traté de hacer contactos con Assange, y gente de su organización, para obtener todos los cables relacionados con Venezuela y Hugo Chavez. Y mi intento fue motivado por un articulo de Pedro Burelli, titulado "Wikileaks y el desfalco venezolano", publicado en el diario El País. Cabe recordar que dicho diario fue uno de los 4 escogidos inicialmente por Assange para ir publicando, a cuenta gotas, los cables diplomáticos del Departamento de Estado.

3 March 2011

ETA killer de Juana Chaos located hiding in Venezuela

Iñaki de Juana Chaos, the ETA killer who jumped bail in Ireland and disappeared, is apparently living in Venezuela, with his partner, according to news published in Spanish media. De Juana Chaos served 21 years in prison in Spain for having murdered 25 people. Venezuela has become a sanctuary of ETA terrorists, some of whom, like Arturo Cubillas, have been naturalised by the Hugo Chavez regime, and hold high office jobs in his administration. Therefore, it is no surprise that de Juana Chaos has been located -by Colombian and Spanish intelligence agents- in Venezuela, where he arrived, according to sources, through Cuba. Hugo Chavez is yet to enforce arrest warrants -issued by Spain's Public Prosecutor's office- and capture and extradite Cubillas, and other wanted terrorists living in Venezuela. Cubillas is married to Venezuelan Goizeder Odriozola, a once personal secretary of Hugo Chavez, now trusted advisor of Elias Jaua, Vice President of that country.

Gadaffi brings in dictator Chavez to 'pacify' Libya

In the latest example of just how utterly fucked up our world is, Libyan tyrant Gadaffi has accepted a 'peace proposal' from his Venezuelan chum Hugo Chavez. Peace, the Venezuelan military dictator will bring. Peace. No, seriously. The man who attempted a military coup against a democratically elected government, causing the deaths of many, is to bring peace to Libya. The man who ordered tanks to placate a peaceful demonstration, will bring peace to Libya. The caudillo who systematically violates the rights of his political opponents, and has built a cult based on hatred, will bring peace to Libya. Fidel Castro's number 1 groupie, and biggest financial supporter, yep, that's the one who'll ensure that peace returns to Libya. ETA, and FARC, most important benefactor and patron, same man, he'll surely diffuse tensions in Libya. He'll surely listen to all parties objectively, ever so equanimous, as he is. Oh, and the Arabs have also been invited to the gig. Next thing we'll be informed, Chavez will form a quartet with America's longest dictator, a pedophile guerrillero, and an African thug to 'pacify' Libya. Freedom loving Libyans aren't convinced. Menos mal!