26 June 2016

That most insolent democracy...

The world at large is incensed. Livid. F%&£ pissed off. Imagine the Brits. The bloody Brits, or Little Englanders as they are now commonly known. They have dared to vote against the grain, against integration, against Christine Lagarde, Barack Obama AND The Guardian! The nerve... Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!! No joda! El coño de su puta madre con los ingleses!

Brexit's what you get when you let democracy stand in the way of the grand diktats, the Master Plan, of the PC, progressive, metropolitan, über educated brigade. "How come my vote and that of a chronically unemployed person carries the same weight?" I heard a distinguished-looking Remainer express in utmost indignation in a pub in chic Primrose Hill. Racism works only when Little Englanders decide to exercise their inalienable right to self determination, you see? The Guardianistas know better than anyone else, you dear reader included, what's in everyone else's best interest.

If an alien had landed from Mars on Friday, it could be forgiven for thinking that life in the British Isles started in 1973. For it was only after acceding to the European Economic Community that the United Kingdom's history started. Forget its rich and illustrious history. Forget the days of Empire and Magna Carta. Forget British idiosyncrasy and their sheer irreverence. Forget also their sense of fairness. Forget Britain's cultural, scientific, political, social, financial, military, academic and democratic additions to human knowledge. None existed. Ever. Eccentricity never took root in these lands. Europeans aren't, all of them, crying Heil Führer every morning because of the resolve, alliances, ingenuity and grit of Brits and Americans. No. They are the free bunch they are today thanks to that Luxembourger architect of one of the world's largest tax avoidance schemes and his sidekicks.

The experts... Where should I start with them? For almost 17 years I have been hearing "the experts" say that Hugo Chavez is the best thing to have happened in Venezuela. The same "experts" have been diligently affirming that Fidel Castro is the best thing to have happened to Cuba, after all he created one of the "world's best health system". Their knowledge reaches every corner of the world. From China to America (Yanks also riled them when they voted -twice- for W). They sit in Islington, or somewhere in the City, yet they know better than any Arab, Latino, African, Indian or a New Yorker what's in their best interest. Racism does not get any more omniscient than this.

I never thought I would see the day, to be honest. Being a radical anti chavista earned me the enmity of "the experts" a long time ago. I thought it was just something reserved to little indians and brown people born far away, like in Venezuela for instance. But no. Oh no. Born and bred Brits get exactly the same treatment by sophisticated types. Their voices don't count. That Brexit result? Invalid. Not binding. Irrelevant. Useless. "Let's have it again" they say. "A second referendum is needed". Venezuela is the laughinstock of the Americas because its government is contesting electoral results reached by the people, by the majority. Well, who would have guessed that the whole world's establishment is behaving pretty much like Nicolas Maduro, with respect to the choice voted by the majority of the British people?

Jamie Dimon and George Osborne (Reuters).
David Cameron is to go (a Brexit bonus). To be frank, he can't soon enough. Hopefully he'll take that odious and wretched Chancellor with him. I am sure Jamie Dimon will offer them a juicy package. There's also Lagarde, or a cosy half a million quid role in some multilateral or quango where they can continue applying their "expertise" on a part-time consultancy basis. Alas the political situation isn't getting any better. There's fratricide going on at the nasty people's party, while Labour is led by someone infatuated with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Brexit will not only allow this country to get free from any constraint imposed by the likes of Juncker, Merkel, Rajoy, Iglesias, etc. It will also, hopefully, flush away some of its indigenous political turds.

The British people, however, I am willing to bet the farm on them. I am willing to see what they come up with, how their "keep calm and carry on" nonsensical approach moves this country away from the Armageddon forecasted by "the experts". Self interest of French, German, Polish, etc. impresarios, workers and politicos will prevail, and sooner than you can say Brexit they'll be queueing to carry on and keep their favourable trade balance with the UK (in deficit in most EU-countries cases).

The world didn't end. I can still see the gliterrati happily drinking in London's fashionable areas. City bankers will find new ways. Dodgy money will keep flowing, probably more so after Brexit. George Soros likely made another pile shorting the Sterling... But this country, in my opinion, gave a lesson, another rather, to the world: Brits do things in their own unique way; Brits do not take orders; elegant irreverence is in their nature; no one should have the temerity to think that it knows better than an Englishman what's in his best interest. It may work with Russians, Chinese, Cubans or Venezuelans. With Greeks even. It worked with the Turks, with a little €6 billion bribe. Not with the Brits, who at the first opportunity gave two fingers to "the experts", to their racism, scaremongering and hatred.

The Brexit outcome was evident, to this foreigner at least. But then again, what do I know right? I am the guy who spent the last 17 years opposing that most wonderful revolutionary called Hugo Chavez, according to "the experts" the best thing to have happened in Latin America since Che Guevara...