29 October 2011

Congressman Carlos Ramos questions Gemalto

Fortunately, somebody in Venezuela is paying attention to the investigations carried out in this blog. The letter below, from Congressman Carlos Ramos (same one who made public the $29 billion hole in FONDEN), addresses some of the issues about the contract between Gemalto and a dodgy Cuban intermediary without track record, for the provision of electronic IDs to Venezuela. I will make sure that a copy of the letter is received and signed for by Gemalto. Considering that a Venezuelan Congressman is asking the questions, maybe Gemalto will have to answer.
Congressman Carlos Ramos questions Gemalto

21 October 2011

Hugo Chavez free of cancer?

Despite his preposterous claims of having gotten rid of a mysterious cancer, presumably at the hands of voodoo Cuban medicine, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is looking very bad indeed, as this recent picture shows. Chavez appears bloated in the face and behind ears.

The picture tell a different story though. Considering that Chavez, who's been unable to keep any of the promises and declarations he has made in the last 12 years, is the sole source of the late announcement, one can only conclude that declaring himself free of cancer is just another baseless and inaccurate statement of the dictatorial caudillo, and just the contrary may be taking place.