11 October 2005

Venezuela wants to go nuclear

London 11.10.05 | Forbes reported yesterday "Argentina's foreign minister Rafael Bielsa confirmed that Venezuela is seeking to buy a medium-size nuclear power reactor from Argentina, daily Clarin reported". In the original story from Clarin it is stated that Engineer César Belinco -on behalf of Argentinean Technology Network (Red Tecnológica Argentina, RTA)- and PDVSA's INTEVEP president Alfredo Morales, signed an act formalising Venezuela's intent to purchase the nuclear reactor.

Venezuela's Vice President admitted the reactor's purchase on Monday arguing that the negotiation was between PDVSA and Argentina's Ministry of Science and Technology. Contrastingly Venezuela's Energy Minister and PDVSA CEO Rafael Ramirez declared with respect to the reactor "... there is not a concrete agreement for the acquisition of any element related to the generation of atomic energy" (sic).

Needless to say that neither Rangel's nor Ramirez statements have relevance. For it is the word of warlord Hugo Chavez the one that matters. Now, would Clarin's journalists care to share with the world the letter of intent, which they claimed to have had access to and is allegedly circulating around companies and organisms involved, that Argentinean and Venezuelan officials signed?

Another interesting question would be; for what purpose does the world's fifth largest oil producer need atomic energy? Is it to stick it to the US or to grow bolder as the region's bully? Nah, Argentina's Foreign Secretary Rafael Bielsa gave assurances that the sale of the reactor will be done with "utmost responsibility" (sic) and the possible uses in Venezuela shall be "duly supervised" (sic). Venezuela seems to be destined to continue suffering the pernicious effects of the international community's 'utmost responsibility and due supervision'...