29 November 2005

Chavez gives Venezuela - USA relations another blow

29.11.05 | Hugo Chavez's spinmeisters love to sing the mantra "Venezuela wants to have the most cordial relations with the USA, based in mutual respect and understanding..." Well, how does the barring a BIPARTISAN US Congressional Delegation, from entering Venezuela, bodes with the aforementioned predicament?

It was not enough, for Chavez, to have orchestrated with Kirchner, riots and the subsequent media attack on Bush in Mar del Plata. Nor it was sufficient for him to call President Fox a "lapdog of the empire" -one has to love the irony in light of the dynamics of the Castro-Chavez marriage... Now the seudo revolutionary pariah has upped the ante by refusing entry to the Hyde-Lantos delegation, that surely was organized in advance by the terribly efficient Bernardo Alvarez Herrera and his VIO boys.

To me this is but another proof of Chavez's evident disregard for diplomacy and friendship, for let us not forget that most of the passengers of that plane simpathise overtly or covertly with the Venezuelan would-be dictator.

Surely, it is to be expected that some stupid airport official will be blamed for this. Or else the barring shall be attributed to some technicality. The fact of the matter is that a country that constantly brags about its intentions to repair relations with another, whilst subjects citizens from the latter to humiliations and harrassment, can not even pretend to be taken seriously. One has to hope that, after this incident, both Republicans and Democrats get to understand the meaning of friendship, according to the chavista abridged dictionary.