24 November 2009

Lula hugs Ahmadinejad, proves Olavo de Carvalho right

Just over a month ago I published a long interview to Brazilian journalist and intellectual, Olavo de Carvalho, about the Foro de Sao Paulo, and Lula's interference in other countries affairs, among other things. Lula's latest faux pas -apologists call it Brazil's coming of age in the international scenewas to be seen embracing Iran's dubiously-elected leader Ahmadinejad. But Lula went further, and took Brazil along with him, to join the hardly illustrious group of rogue nations that have supported Iran's nuclear ambitions, against world consensus: Syria, Cuba and Venezuela.

With this action Lula has proven Olavo's opinions right. Furthermore, by supporting such a deranged fundamentalist and Holocaust-denier, as he has done with Chavez and Zelaya, Lula is simply reaffirming that he has no regard whatsoever for democracy, human rights, and peace. Be it Venezuela, Honduras or Iran, victims of State-sponsored terrorism have very little to expect from the  Brazilian president, whose deeds speak louder than words. It's all very well to maintain a business-friendly facade, and dupe the media with Obama type "change we can believe in" jargon. However schmoozing liberals is one thing, supporting a regime bent on annihilating Israel quite another, as leftist but sane Governor of Sao Paulo Jose Serra said.

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