14 December 2009

Smartmatic banned in Venezuela

It appears that the huge corruption racket that Hugo Chavez, his relatives and close collaborators are running in Venezuela has brought something positive... for the people of Mexico and the Philippines! As it turns, Chavez, who now pretends that he does not tolerate corruption, has taken over eight banks in less than three weeks. But interestingly, a list with details of 49 companies, and the chavistas behind them, has been compiled by the regime, and, according to El Universal, it sits in all registries of Venezuela forbidding the said companies from trading their wares:

As can be seen, Smartmatic's CEO Antonio Mujica, has been banned to make further business with the Chavez regime. In light of this new development, and the way in which Smartmatic deals with criticism, will the same fate follow in other countries?

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