5 August 2011

List of useful idiots apologising for Chavez in frank decline

Readers of this blog will surely remember the exchanges I have had with Noam Chomsky in the past. The 'world's foremost intellectual' came out of his cave with a letter, published in the newspaper he accused recently of "extremely dishonesty", read The Guardian.

How utterly unhinged Chomsky and his fellow apologists of chavista totalitarianism have to be, to request publication of a letter, based on  unsubstantiated propaganda, in the very media they all dismissed as "dishonest"? The encouraging news is to see that the list of personalities imbeciles decrying 'human rights abuses' in Venezuela is shrinking: taking out known propagandists on Chavez's payroll (Hat tip NYT), they could hardly get over 20 signatures.

UPDATE: while rather uncommon of me to be linking to Labourlist.org, here's a very refreshing view from Rob Marchant, about how dictatorial thugs like Chavez manage to get support from the most radical fringes of the Left. Fortunately that fringe of fanatics is ever more irrelevant, and is seeing as such. Is it any wonder that none of Chavez's 'political parties' has ever been admitted to the International Socialist?


Daniel said...

That letter claims that 10,000 peasants were murdered by the landowners they were trying to oust. Really, 10,000, round number? It is not to the Guardian that they should write, but to the UN.... And how many landowners have actually been jailed for those numbers? Is Chavez not in charge of the country? For the last 12 years?

These people give a new shade to the meaning "suspension of disbelief".

Certainly some where killed, but there is no hope I suppose for those "intellectuals" to acknowledge that not an insignificant number of these alleged death comes from those peasants fighting among themselves for the spoils.

Then again, Golinger and Wilpert signed......

firepigette said...

Excellent article Alek,

"The current master of this game is surely Venezuela's Hugo Chávez, who gets left-leaning Westerners to build him support and raise local funds, by posing as a paragon of alternative politics."

Alternative ? hehe Alternative sounds like the superior thinking of the free mind.Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a common error of many on the left:

But they need to think it through.A free thinker is someone who makes up his own mind, considering all angles, even if this sometimes means agreeing with conventional authority or agreeing with those who are anti authority.
In the world we live in today, it is common and popular to be automatically against conventional authority figures, so it could not be said that being " anti anything" is to be simultaneously equated with free thinking or the true alternative mind.This is just part of the popular mind of groupthink.

If these types of liberals were free, they would see that thinking with a groupthink mind as they often do is just using the brain as an automated memory machine.The tape runs and thinks for them.They do not think.

AB said...

I reckon Daniel's comment hit the nail:

Then again, Golinger and Wilpert signed...

So what else could be expected when the promoters of this 'letter' are such imbeciles?