26 July 2012

Majed Khalil Majzoud, Barrueco et al use DMCA to get Blogger to suppress information

London 26.07.2012 - Today, Blogger has sent me a Blog takedown notification. Given that I did not fall for the different impersonators, who through crude and rather infantile attempts tried to force me to take down perfectly valid and verifiable information (see herehere and here) about Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco, Majed Khalil Majzoud and other associates and frontmen of Diosdado Cabello, they have taken their game to Blogger, and, most unfortunately Blogger has fallen for it.

So I have republished the information about Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco and Majed Khalil Majzoud elsewhere, while I dispute in the strongest possible terms these attempts of criminal thugs to silence me and suppress publication of their illegal deeds in Venezuela.

This is exhibit A of Bolibourgeois chavistas using spurious copyright infringement allegations and impersonating other people in order to remove from the web information that compromises them and their activities. I know they are reading, so take this as public notice: this does not end here...

Update 28 August 2012: Google has sent another communication saying that the posts in questions have been reinstated. The posts are linked below.

Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco, Diosdado Cabello, the Khalil Majzoub brothers et al. discover online reputation management techniques.

Majed Khalil Majzoub


Kenneth Rijock said...

Well said; only when these individuals are tried, in a Venezuelan Court, under a future democratic government, and convicted of Crimes Against the State, will their days in the sun end. Keep up the good work.


AB said...

Hey Ken, I think the same people behind previous impersonation attempt are behind this, spuriously claiming copyrights infringement. I have already communicated to Google that no infringement has taken place. Perhaps you. Ould send them a note in this respect? I have a case number if you're interested.