25 December 2012

Merry & Happy Christmas from Alek Boyd's Blog

London 14.12.12 - Most of the investigations I have published this year relate to individuals and companies with unsavory connections to brutal regimes, whose actions would have gone otherwise unnoticed. Exposing criminals like Chavez and members of his cabal is difficult and expensive. In this spirit, donations to the website would be very much appreciated. A gift of $50 or $5,000 would make a significant difference, both technically and substantively, in pursuing more transparency in Venezuela, Paraguay, and even the UK. Any gift is welcome. Please be assured of the absolute discretion of your contribution.  In the same vein, please avoid special requests in exchange for donations: my integrity is not for sale.


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nicacat56 said...

Alek, congratulations and thanks to you for all your persistence and hard work! I will be happy to make a donation to your more than worthy cause!
Merry Christmas!