6 March 2013

Hugo Chavez is dead

Hugo Chavez is dead. As per my thoughts: I feel as Chileans must have felt, when Pinochet was voted out; as Egyptians felt, when Mubarak was ousted; as Libyans, when Gaddafi was killed; as Paraguayans, when Lugo was kicked out; as Americans, when Obama won and Brits when Tony Blair returned Labour back to power.

It's, I think, a mix of joy, sadness, hope, excitement and expectation, above all, expectation. For let us not forget, chavistas, which is the people that surrounded Hugo Chavez for the last few years, are still, pretty much in command: they've got all the fire power, and all the money. They are still taking cues from America's longest dictatorship, while Colombian narco terrorists and drug traffickers have permeated to the highest reaches of the Venezuelan army. Criminals run the show in Venezuela, literally. That's the legacy we'll have to deal with.

Hugo Chavez is dead, alas Venezuela is still in the dark.

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Unknown said...

Death is never fun,a sane decent person takes no joy in the death even of a miserable demagogue such as Chavez. His legacy is a confounding mess. Yes, he introduced the poor into the national dialogue openly and with much notoriety. Yet, he also largely mismanaged the economy, infrastructure, jurisprudence and legislation, the armed forces, law enforcement, and more.Expectations are high, oil production at record lows, and the bills for Hugo's diverse domestic escapades and foreign sovereign dependencies keep on a comin' in.

Ahh, what will become of our chica bocadita, that Rose of Caracas, Eva Golinger?