26 June 2013

Venezuela: appointment of Max Arvelaiz one for the annals of "you just can make this shit up"

Frenchman Maximilien Arvelaiz,
Maduro's Commissioner for Interna-
tional Relations.
So today I was reading about a new appointment by our illegitimate and half-illiterate President Nicolas Maduro: Venezuela's international relations will be in the hands of Maximilien Sanchez Arvelaiz, aka Max Arvelaiz. What's the news? Arvelaiz was not even born in Venezuela, he is, in fact, French. Beyond the considerations of putting the chavista diplomacy in the hands of a foreigner -however converted he/she may be- there are a few ironies about this affair.

Hugo Chavez, the late putschist, spent the best part of his life decrying attempts against "Venezuelan sovereignty". One has to guess that it's perfectly revolutionary to appoint a totally ill prepared Frenchman to conduct chavista diplomacy, though in chavista circles one with postgraduate studies in London must be like Einstein hanging out with cavemen.

Noticing that Arvelaiz's cedula starts with 23 million, I searched around and came about an article he co-published in Al Giordano's site -yeah, the clown from Narco News- with the following bit of news:
Paul Emile-Dupret is an advisor to the European Parliament from Belgium who, in his role as human rights observer, was shot 41 times last summer by rogue pro-coup police forces in Caracas. Thierry Deronne, also Belgian, is a journalist with TV Tambores, a Community Television station in Venezuela. Max Arvelaiz, a French native of Venezuelan descent, is a communications consultant to the Chavez government. Arvelaiz and Deronne are professors of the Narco News School of Authentic Journalism. These three internationally respected European leaders are in Venezuela this week in their respective roles, and collaborated on this report to give readers this accurate account of current events in that country that are too often being distorted by the Commercial Media, including U.S. newspaper and wire correspondents.
Already in 2002, Arvelaiz was dizque "professor... communications consultant to the Chavez government". Right, more like good mates with Temir Porras while both were desperately trying to get on the chavista revolution milking-wagon... So there you have it, a Frenchman in charge of Nicolas Maduro's diplomacy. Chavistas seem to have a weak spot for foreign apologists: Greg Wilpert got Venezuelan citizenship after marrying to Maduro's current Consul in New York; Eva Golinger also got citizenship through illegal means after sucking it up to the robolución; Rodrigo Granda, the FARC commander involved in the assassination of Cecilia Cubas, also got Venezuelan citizenship; as did Arturo Cubillas, the wanted ETA terrorist married to Elias Jaua's PA... Maybe in the coming days we'll hear that Sean Penn, Oliver Stone and Noam Chomsky will be named as honorary Venezuelans!

And what to make of "Paul Emile-Dupret... shot 41 times last summer by rogue pro-coup police forces in Caracas?" Remember, this is Al Giordano, right? The one from the "school of authentic journalism"!! "Shot 41 times..." 41 fucking times!!! Perhaps someone should send Giordano's "school of authentic journalism" way a bit of an explanation about the difference between rubber bullets and regular ones...

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