7 July 2013

What's the story about Roberto Pannunzi's Venezuelan ID?

Roberto Pannunzi (photo AP)
Colombia's Ministry of Defence informed today that Roberto Pannunzi, a boss linked to Calabria's 'Ndrangheta mafiosi was captured in Bogotá, in a joint operation between Colombia's Police and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Colombia's Ministry of Defence states in its report that Pannunzi identified himself with a fake Venezuelan ID -on the name of Silvano Martino- when arrested in a shopping mall in the north of Bogotá.

However, Venezuelan Twitter user @InformadorVeraz, reported that Silvano Martino's Venezuelan ID (22.183.207) appears in the National Electoral roll (Registro Electoral). So the question, to Colombia's Ministry of Defence is: how can it be argued that Pannunzi's Venezuelan ID was fake, when it appears as registered in Venezuela's electoral roll?

@InformadorVeraz weighs in, asking whether Colombia's Ministry of Defence is claiming that people with fake IDs can register to vote in Venezuela's electoral roll:

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El Suscrito said...

Interesting to see where and how he got his Cédula de Identidad or ID Card now that we have the case of how and when President Maduro got his ID Card, because to receive it for the fist time you have to present a birth certificate and it is not showing up.