1 May 2017

Francisco Convit incriminates Derwick Associates

Last week Palomo Linares died in Spain. The bullfighter and paramour of Lilia Lopez (mother of Derwick Associates' head Alejandro Betancourt) was instrumental in providing bona fides and opening doors, which led to considerable money laundering by Derwick Associates in Spain.

From left: Francisco D'Agostino, Alejandro Betancourt, Pedro Trebbau, Edgar Romero Lazo and Francisco Convit.
I taunted the bolichicos by twitting my "condolences" to Betancourt's mum and sister, for the deceased bullfighter was also father to Betancourt's sister's boyfriend. I know, I know, typical Spanish real life tattle, where father and son just happen to be involved with mother and daughter.

My tweet must have rattled Derwick's cage. Francisco Convit, according to recently leaked documents owner of 50% of Derwick Associates (below), reacted by claiming I was a "dirty rat", and, unlike Palomo who was described as an all time great, no one would remember me when I die. To that I replied that, most certainly, that would be the case, for it wasn't me who stole over one billion dollars worth of public funds in Venezuela.

The ensuing Twitter debate was very boring. The usual chavista claims regarding my being a "hired pen" and my alleged inherited mental issues were wheeled out, almost immediately. From there, it took a moment to start referencing my father's suicide, over and over again, as cause of my "depression". In chavista Venezuela, mocking people's mental issues and family tragedies is common currency.

Convit claims to know a great deal about me and my mental issues. He claims, in fact, to know my thoughts. As the tweet on the left shows, Convit said "when your mind starts telling you that you're useless, to question why would (your) daddy do what he did, or your wanting to slit your wrists."

Freud would be proud at such preeminence.

But that's not what caught my attention, after all chavistas and associated thugs have been making impossible to prove claims about me for years now, from reviving my deceased mother, to turning my sister into Hugo Chavez's lover (despite her residing permanently in another continent), to my mental issues, when not my "AIDS-spreading" homosexual adventures. It's all part of the progressive repertoire.

Convit also said however, that the break into my flat, which happened on 17 November 2014, was my own doing: an act of self promotion aimed at drawing attention to myself.

Now this does interest me. For Convit spiced up his Twitter attack with repeated questions about my alleged "unemployed status", and my alleged "living like a wealthy person in London".

How exactly does Convit know my employment status?

How can Convit possibly claim knowledge of my living "like a king... in London, the world's most expensive city"?

When I saw these tweets, I immediately contacted London's Metropolitan Police's case investigator. The spurious arguments, of my alleged terrorising my own children and staging a break in, could almost be expected from such a deranged thug. But what to make of repeated unemployment status and life style mentions?

In that respect I have my own theory. Both my family and myself were subject of illegal surveillance, in and around London, that lasted months prior to assault to our flat. My wife, children and myself, were photographed, together and separately, in different locations. Pictures of our daily commute to school and work, at different day times, were posted by anonymous individuals across a variety of websites and social platforms. I have a catalogue of such pictures and have done a tremendous amount of investigation regarding metadata, time stamps of photoshopping, etc.

I know parties in Caracas, as well as in India, were involved. Threats of sexual abuse made against my children were written and sent, twice, from Tbilisi. Defamation tasks were likely assigned through micro tasking platforms. It is highly likely that at least one of the three assaulting men resides in Spain.

Convit has all these information. He knows at what time we leave in the morning and at what time we come back in the afternoon. He's privy to location of my children's school, in fact pictures of it were posted. Defamation campaigns launched a week after break in used Convit's very same arguments, regarding my life style and alleged unemployment.

How can someone who doesn't know me, has never met me, has no common acquaintances, and lives in Caracas, claim to know what I do and how I live in London? This is the best indication, as yet, of Derwick Associates' direct involvement in theft of my laptops, terrorising my family and break in. I have documentary proof demonstrating that their procurement to Venezuelan institutions was done through nepotism and rampant corruption. Now I have public admissions, an entire Twitter collection in fact, of knowledge of details about my life that only somebody who knows me really well can know.

Even someone of Convit's intellectual calibre would realise, sooner or later, that self incrimination is not a good business practice, much less considering Venezuela's current situation, and the fact that the entire country has come to know him and his partners as epitomes of all that went wrong under chavista rule. Remember that these folks travel the world pretending they're upstanding captains of industry and capital investors now. So Convit had his Twitter account deleted. In any case, I saved copies of incriminating tweets, and passed all details to London's Metropolitan Police and to Twitter.

Convit, or his community manager, sent me an email afterwards claiming he did not have a Twitter account. Almost simultaneously, his @franciscoconvi7 Twitter account was deleted.  Just a coincidence I'm sure... I have a very accurate X-ray of Derwick Associates' operations, investments, and assets around the world. Chavismo is not going to last forever, nor will Derwick's impunity.

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pbw1962 said...

Alex, así es! sin miedo ante the "corporate bulling"! Morality, principles and values is what we stand for