26 February 2005

Recording of Hugo Chavez ordering the Avila Plan

London 26.02.05 | There is a saying in Venezuela that goes "el que tiene rabo de paja que no se acerque a la candela" which can be equated to "If you live in a glasshouse don't throw stones". The regime of Hugo Chavez has issued an arrest warrant for former Venezuelan president Carlos Andres Perez (CAP) purportedly for having ordered the application of the Avila Plan back in 1.989. As a result very many people were killed by the army.

Fast forward 13 years and hear the recording [power point presentation and sound] of current president Hugo Chavez ordering General Garcia Carneiro the implementation of the Avila Plan. It is worth analyzing the context and circumstances of both actions.

Following drastic economic measures that led to the increase in transport fares violent riots sprouted all over Venezuela although Caracas, as it often happens, was the main point of popular looting and uncontrollable pillage. Such sudden outburst was placated by CAP's administration with the Avila Plan, which is a military contingency plan created to bring public order to normal levels once the police forces have failed to do so.

Back in 1.989 I was living in El Paraiso, west Caracas, and I remember vividly the marauding mobs descending from La Vega and La Cota 905 to ransack every shop within reach. I also saw violent street skirmishes between the army and the looters.

Now compare that with the rally goers armed with whistle and flags that made their way to Miraflores Palace on April 11 2002 to demand Chavez' resignation. Can any rightful mind -chavistas don't qualify- draw a comparison between the two scenarios? I think not. Nonetheless Hugo Chavez ought to be prosecuted and arrested for he is guilty of the same 'crime', isn't he? Oh I forgot momentarily that Venezuela's Attorney General is good friends with him.

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