5 March 2005

Chavez's chief apologist in the U.S. exposed as a fraud

Comment: the following is well worth a read to understand the “integrity” of Chavez’s lobby apparatus in the U.S. Alek Boyd, from vcrisis.com exposes the regime’s chief apologist in the U.S. as the fraud she’s always been. The Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, and lobby firm Patton Boggs, come up with people like Eva Golinger to prove to the common folk of Venezuela (and the U.S.) that there is wide support for Chavez’s cause in the U.S and that the Bush administration is up to no good in Venezuela. This sort of disingenuous PR campaign has worked for others in the past, but Eva Golinger, a rather frequent “phone-in” guest in Chavez’s “Alo Presidente” is a testament to the mediocrity of those charged with developing U.S. based propaganda. After reading Alek’s superb sleuth piece, one would assume that Ms. Golinger will have a fun time filing her income taxes this coming April. PMB


Anonymous said...

Alek...let me get this straight...Venezuelan Solidarity Committee is soliciting funds under non-profit 501c3 status when the IRS does not have it registered as such? What's the next step to get them closed down for illegally soliciting funds? Great investigation!

AB said...

The next step is to have a word with the tax advocate or send a letter to the Criminal Investigation Unit in order to establish responsibilities. Such false claims could carry jail sentences here in the UK, not too sure what could happen in the US.

Anonymous said...

Jail time, I suspect, similar to Al Capone! I was just having a look at the IRS link you provided where all the contact information is provided for tax fraud alert.