29 March 2005

And so Eva Golinger strikes back...

London 29.03.05 | Not two hours have come to pass since the posting of my latest article on Eva Golinger's false claims for yet another hate message to arrive in my inbox. Here's what she had to say this time:

Mr. Boyd, your ridiculous ranting yet again proves shallow and false, yet you try with all your conviction to make yourself sound believable and capable. The truth is, were I to have violated any laws in the State of New York, the appropriate authorities would have made sure to resolve the matter. You have no understanding of US regulations, the difference between state and federal law, court divisions, bar associations, etc., nor even how our legal system functions. That being said, you once again are proved wrong, completely and utterly incorrect. You believe yourself capable of interpreting laws and statutes, yet you couldn't even finish a university education! You believe your research to be all-incompensing and you are blinded by its second-rate results. You hold yourself out fraudulently to be a law student, but you haven't the brains or the capacity to even begin to understand any legal system or process. Face it Boyd, you are a complete failure in life, which is why you have become absolutely obsessed with me and others who you resent. Look at what you do all day - you write absurd articles trying to harrass and discredit people you don't even know, and you participate in vulgar, offensive and derrogatory blog conversations in cyberspace with faceless names. You are so utterly out of touch with Venezuela that every single prediction you have made has proved wrong.

You are unworthy of my time and energy and are nothing more than an incompetent failure, with no job and no education, but rather a person who enjoys threatening and harrassing others apparently more than spending time with his own children. How terribly sad and pitiful.

Eva Golinger
Attorney at Law

This message contains privileged and confidential information intended only for the addressee. If you have received this message in error, please return it to sender and discard the message immediately.

In the meanwhile Diane Kolbe sent this:

Dear Sir:

Ms. Eva Golinger is not now and has never been a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).


Diane Kolbe, AILA


Anonymous said...

What amazes me about this letter is that no matter where these people were educated or where they operate, they're strategy when cornered is exactly the same. They attack the messenger and not the message. Did this "lady" even provide any evidence that unsubstantiates the claims made by Alek???

AB said...

None of the points raised can be countered for one simple reason; there's public evidence to prove the point. They keep accusing me alas they haven't got one shred of evidence in that respect. The worse thing is to think that Golinger is one of the brightest advocates of Chavez, imagine the intellectual capacity of the rest...

Anonymous said...

It is true that a law graduate can practice, in some capacity, under the supervision of an accredited lawyer (her mother, in this case). I think that it would be very interesting to find out, if the recent graduate has the obligation to reveal, if requested, the type of work done during the period between passing the Bar Exam and being admitted.

Anonymous said...

I forgot....

For the inquiring minds out there... this is the address to which such questions should be sent:

State of New York Grievance Committee
Tenth Judicial District
150 Motor Parkway - Suite 102
Hauppauge, New York 11788

In case you want to call them:
(631) 231-3775

Ms. Eva Golinger's office is under the 10th Judicial District. Nassau and Suffolk Counties

AB said...

...the type of work done during the period between passing the Bar Exam and being admitted.

Indeed, however you must note that Golinger's legal work for the Venezuela Information Office was in 2003. She sat the BAR exam in Feb 2004...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alek!

I will re-write my letter to the Grievance Committe adding that fact.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you send a copy to;

New York State Office of the Attorney General
Eliot Spitzer
Charities Bureau
120 Broadway, 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10271
(212) 416-8400 (phone)
(212) 416-8393 (fax)

AB said...

No Yolanda you're not allowed in my blog. Should you wish to send fan mail to Eva Golinger here's her address:


AB said...

Yolanda, I am not interested in having a "fair exchange of opinions" with a person who claims admiration for Castro and his toyboy. You don't know me yet you think you have the right to come into my blog to write messages charged with hatred for those, who like me, disagree politically. You know what? You won't do it here for I won't allow it.

Get a life and a blog to vent your pathetic rants. The moment you start questioning your idols with the same apprehension you question me and my motives then we'll engage in fruitful exchanges.