31 January 2009

Antisemitism on the rise in Venezuela: Hugo Chavez's supporters beset synanogue in Caracas

This is not an isolated event. As much as Venezuelan Foreign Secretary wants to distance the government from antisemitism, it remains a fact that this is a direct consequence of the constant official onslaught against reason, against civil, political and religious rights in Venezuela. Chavez's antisemitism is a known fact by now, and the picture above [see here for more] is just latest proof of the deteriorating climate, fostered by the Venezuelan caudillo.

Not only the Jewish people are prosecuted and harassed in this manner: a few days ago the Vatican office in Venezuela was attacked again by chavista thugs. Needless to say that purported investigations into these actions are yet to produce any results. And then some idiots have the gall to object Human Rights Watch report about the anti democratic nature of the putschist in office.

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