26 September 2009

Thinking outside the Venezuelan box

So the Telegraph paid 110,000 Sterling to a mole that leaked all the juicy information about MP's expenses in Westminster. And I question myself: what is the combined amount of funds that victims of Chavez have taken out of Venezuela in the past 5 decades? I am talking about media barons, businessmen, bankers and so on, all of whose lives and assets can, as of today, disappear at Chavez's whims.

What will it take for one or two of them to think outside the Venezuelan box? More expropriations? More kidnappings? More hardship? How difficult it is to pool some funds together and offer a couple of million bucks to anyone that leaks, for instance, information about Chavez's relationship with FARC in possession of the government of Colombia? Internally it won't do much, but internationally it can make a difference.

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