27 October 2009

Google confirms online reputation management

In August I wrote a post post about Google being the ultimate propaganda tool of Hugo Chavez. That post certainly riled some true believers, however, to their detriment, Google came out of the woods and admitted the existence of it,  providing a few tips on how to counter “bad press”, which is basically a rehash of what I argued and has been vox populi for a while:
Now, I am perfectly aware of how easy it is to move results up and down Google rank, having done it for years, simply by creating Google-friendly pages with keywords and content specifically related to terms/issues about which one wants one’s pages to appear on top.
Now that my claims have been vindicated, I would like to offer online reputation management services to the many who may need it. Not long ago I purchased a domain called ungoogle.net, which I will, hopefully, launch soon enough.

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