20 October 2009

Hugo Chavez's propagandists in Washington join the unemployed

It's been a long time coming, but it appears that those who have made a killing out of spreading propaganda about Hugo Chavez in Washington DC, have joined the unemployed. Records from the Foreign Agents Registration Unit show that staff from both the Venezuela Information Office (VIO) and its offspring, Latin America Information Office (LATAMINFO), do no longer have connections, as per end of September 2009, with the foreign principals they represented: read Fundacion Siglo XXI, Movimiento Poder Ciudadano Siglo XXI, and the Embassy of Venezuela.

However, both organizations' websites continue active, despite the fact that, to their own admission, they are no longer involved in the dissemination of propaganda to US media, public officials, academics, government agencies and so on. Is that not a violation to US laws?

To be clear, the individuals involved in pestering journalists with romantic views about the Venezuelan dictator, when not asking 'independent professors' such as Francisco Dominguez to write favorable pieces about Chavez, were: Isaura Gilmond, Olivia Goumbri, Alex Main, Megan Morrisey, Jessica Coates, and Jennifer Schuett.

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