27 January 2010

Venezuela's dictator hits twitter

Hugo Chavez has presumably ordered his minion Andres Izarra to keep him up to speed with Twitter (http://twitter.com/HugoChavez_Vzla). At least that's what the first tweet (11:00 PM Jan 8th from web) says:
Buenas tardes, soy Andrés Izarra sepan que el presidente esta recibiendo por medio de un resumen diario todos sus comentarios. Saludoss
Good afternoon, I am Andres Izarra, know that the president is receiving a daily summary of all your comments. Regardss
This is just laughable really, mind you Izarra is meant to be the guy who's behind TELESUR's 24/7 propaganda operation, the same arse who admitted that the Chavez regime would build a communications hegemon, modelled on the "freedom and plural" ideals of Antonio Gramsci. What does he think, that his fascist boss is going to regain the loss credibility by getting on twitter? The list of friends says a lot though, mind you Putin, Piedad Cordoba, Lula... Soon to join, straight from the jungles of Colombia, FARC, and Fidel Castro, Mugabe, all the way from Belorus, Lukashenko. One just couldn't make this stuff up.

Here's a picture of tweets, and link to full page, for future reference:

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