1 March 2010

Venezuela: ETA, FARC, Chavez relation revealed in Spain

This is another "I told you so moment". In October 2006, I posted this on vcrisis.com:
ETA terrorist Jose Arturo Cubillas Fontan arrived in Venezuela in May 1989... Cubillas, who as a member of ETA's "Comando Oker" took part in the assassination of Frenchmen Joseph Couchot and Spaniards Angel Facal Soto and Máximo García Kleinte (policeman), complained in 2003 that he was being harassed in Venezuela by Spanish police forces... Cubillas married Venezuelan of Basque descent Goizeder Odriozola. For that reason he has Venezuelan citizenship. Its worth bearing in mind that terrorist Rodrigo Granda of Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) claimed that his deportation to Colombia -after his capture in Caracas- was illegal for he was a Venezuelan citizen... Venezuelan officials argue that no ETA member works for the Chavez regime. However Cubillas' wife -Goizeder Odriozola- has had different position within the current administration, the latest being director of Hugo Chavez' presidential office. Before this Odriozola was in charge of information and public relations in the Agriculture Ministry where her husband is working since October 2005. Will anyone believe that Mrs. Cubillas is unaware of the background of her husband and in light of it how come she got an ETA terrorist a job as a civil servant? How come Hugo Chavez has the wife of an ETA terrorist working directly with him?
Now read what Justice Eloy Velasco Nuñez indictment says (page 4):
... y por la parte de la ETA ARTURO CUBlLLAS FONTAN... 
 No further comments needed.


Unknown said...

we have to understand that this guy is not smart at all, in fact is so slow that his father Castro asked him to stay away from him and all the problems he all ready has, it is sad to see perople like this, and his followers (all loosers), Correa, Morales, Ortega and others............their time will come.........and soon.....

Quico said...

You. Told. Us. So.

Hats off, Alek.

I saw a report that this guy is STILL on a public payroll. Que bolas.

AB said...

Hey FT, thanks for dropping by. If we take into account the things you, Miguel, Daniel, myself and others have been telling about Chavez there's little that we can, collectively, consider as news anymore.

The guy seems to be still a Venezuelan public servant. But the most worrying aspect, IMO, is that the wife worked in Chavez's very own office (oficina de la presidencia). What does that say about Cuban, Venezuelan intelligence? What does that say about background checking, and clearance processes applied to those chosen to work shoulder to shoulder with the caudillo?

Mind you, esposa de un conocido etarra como secre encargada? WTF?