21 August 2010

Caracas: Rotten Town

Thanks to Juan I found out about an amazing video, by Venezuelan singer Juan David Chacón, known in the music world as Onechot. There's very little to add to his extremely powerful video, aptly entitled Rotten Town, without a doubt the best artistic description of post modern Caracas, and the amorality of its inhabitants, I have ever seen:

Rotten Town from El Flying Monkey on Vimeo.

Alas, as with everything else in Venezuela nowadays under deranged fascist Hugo Chavez, the video above has triggered the ire of some chavista judge somewhere, and Onechot will now be prosecuted. As per investigating the perpetrators of 19,133 assassinations in 2009, chavista judges, or indeed any government official, are yet to declare when, or if, this will start.


firepigette said...

I think the point of the video if that most everyone has blood on their hands, and that would include all of us.

Does it do any good to label him fascist? I don't think so, because the evil that makes up Chavismo is a combination of many evils.
Chavez attempts to combine the worst of both systems.Chavez makes a fascist sales pitch when talking to the Venezuelan's nationalistic pride when he appeals to history in the form of Simon Bolivar and blaming his nation’s troubles on the Evil Yankees.

But When addressing the press and foreign self proclaimed 'intellectuals' however, Chavez appeals to Communism and claims to be carrying on the Holier than thou work of Fidel OR Che.

That together with populism and all the support it gets from everyone who directly or indirectly benefits ...and well there are a plethora of evils.

We let so many who have contributed to this off the hook when we limit it to fascism.

AB said...

Well, count me out of those who have plenty of blood on their hands.

Does it any good to label Chavez as a fascist? Yes it does, although I agree there's not a single adjective that accurately describes what Chavez is and does.

The closest term, borrowing from historian Manuel Caballero, is chavista, whereby chavista encompasses: fascist, communist, marxist, rightwing, leftwing, misogynist, homophobic, antisemitic, deranged, militaristic, populist, stateless, pariah, reckless, kleptocratic, dictatorial, ignorant, (add here whatever describes part of chavismo)....

jeff house said...

IF you call Chavez a fascist, you undercut his appeal to the left. If you call him a Communist, you undercut his appeal to the right.

Right now, though, Chavez has few if any right-wing supporters internationally. So, it does make sense to stress the fascist elements of his policies. No good liberal will support a fascist, or a military government, or an authoritarian supported by howling redshirts.

AB said...

Hi Jeff,

No good liberal will support a fascist, or a military government, or an authoritarian supported by howling redshirts.

Please send definition of good liberal to Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Rodriguez Zapatero, Mark Weisbrot, etc.

Unknown said...

I think the point of the video really is about how The Delinquency in Venezuela is exponentially increasing , how almost everybody is a delinquent ,how they can get whatever they want whenever they want just by adding some cash or blood (or both!) to the situation .

As a proud Venezuelan woman (non chavist) i can assure you we live in some kind of hell . We have to learn lo live like this . ALL OF US .

Chavez , our "democratic " elected president isn't the source of all problems , I know it can sound weird , but the real source of all the problems , not only in Venezuela , but in almost all Latin America is that the people now a days think only in money and not in progress ... im not saying this because im Chavist or something NOO! but its the truth .

the last thing i wanna say is that i support a 100% what OneChot is doing , this man is making progress not only in his life and his music but also in communicating to you (the rest of the world ) the "real deal " in venezuela's situation .

Unknown said...
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