8 August 2010

Uribe sues Chavez in the International Criminal Court

El Pais reports that Jaime Granados, legal representative of -as of today- former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe formally filed, on Friday, a lawsuit against Hugo Chavez before the International Criminal Court (ICC), for violations against the Rome Statute and human rights. The reasoning of Uribe is that by allowing unfettered presence of narcoterrorists in Venezuelan soil, for the purpose of resting, regrouping, coordinating, and launching fresh attacks on Colombia, Chavez is party to terrorist activities.

Couldn't agree more really, although I don't think the ICC will act against an acting president. The positive thing however, is that violations against human rights, and crimes against humanity do not prescribe. Similar issues were raised by Granados with the Inter American Commission of Human Rights, according to the report.


Anonymous said...

Omar al-Bashir, president of Sudan have been indicted by the ICC, so they can do it, but does Uribe have a standing to sue?

AB said...

See, the issue is not whether Uribe has a standing, for Uribe is not sitting in the ICC's accused bench. The issue in the ICC, as in any independent court where rule of law is the premise upon which decisions are taken, is whether or not the evidence of Chavez - FARC relations presented by Uribe's legal team withstands meaningful scrutiny.

If said evidence proves to be sound, Chavez will one day join the ranks of Milosevic, al-Bashir and Taylor.