3 September 2010

Hugo Chavez threatens Electoral Chief

In Venezuela, elections stopped being free and fair a long time ago. In this latest episode, Hugo Chavez threatens Electoral Chief Vicente Diaz -in a five-member board the only one who's not openly chavista- stating that he reserves all right to action in respect of his position on this matter. National Electoral Council director, Tibisay Lucena, hard core chavista to boot, instead of supporting Diaz's attempt to have the caudillo respect the law, attacked him, saying that Diaz's denunciations were a "media show."

Electoral board member Diaz has recently shown videos of Hugo Chavez violating legislation (art. 215 of LOSPP) that prevents office holders from actively participating in electoral campaigns, to which the putschist caudillo said "no one is going to prevent me" from campaigning.

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