3 July 2011

Eva Golinger does a Johann Hari on Noam Chomsky

Chavez propagandist @evagolinger has pulled a Johann Hari on Noam Chomsky. The sweetheart of the Cuban - Venezuelan eunuch dictators, has published in her Correo del Orinoco a word-by-word literal translation of the email Chomsky sent me last night.

Here's what Chomsky sent me:

The Guardian/Observer version, as I anticipated, is quite deceptive.  The report in the NY Times is considerably more honest.  Both however omit much of relevance that I stressed throughout, including the fact that criticisms from the US government or anyone who supports its actions can hardly be taken seriously, considering Washington’s far worse record without any of the real concerns that Venezuela faces, the Manning case for one, which is much worse than Judge Afiuni’s.  And much else.

Here's what Golinger propaganda rag published in Spanish:

“La versión de The Guardian, como lo había previsto, es muy engañosa. El artículo en The New York Times es más preciso. Ambos omiten algo que destaqué bastante: que las críticas del gobierno de EE.UU. o de cualquier persona que apoya sus acciones no pueden ser tomadas en serio, considerando que Washington tiene un historial mucho peor y no tiene ninguna de las auténticas preocupaciones que Venezuela se enfrenta. El caso (del soldado Bradley) Manning, por decir uno, es mucho peor que el de la jueza Afiuni”.

This is getting funnier by the minute. Or are we to think that the world's most admired and influential leftist intellectual -what an oxymoron- fires the same replies to every request for comment, a la Red Ed Miliband?

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firepig said...

Chomsky is quite the hypocrite.

Nobody can improve upon what they hate.His anti-Americanism/hatred is such an emotional barrier for him to approach any reasonable level of objectivity, that no matter how hard he tries he could not do one good thing for his country or for any other.His hatred blocks his thinking in too many ways.

Chomsky's mental center is damaged by his poor emotional development.The rational mind needs a healthy emotional intelligence to arrive at realistic conclusions.

Chomsky said that the US should not criticize Chavez because its own shortcomings are even worse.But what about Chomsky himself?He has supported a whole slate of murderous dictators but feels untainted enough to offer his guidance on the nuances of morality :)