9 March 2010

An invitation to Sean Penn

The latest from Sean Penn is just amazing. Mind, this is a Hollywood type, who hasn't got the slightest clue about the realities of our country, yet he feels informed enough, on the basis of a couple of trips on expenses paid for by the Venezuelan taxpayer, to state that anyone who calls Chavez a dictator should be put in jail. Mind, this is someone who seems totally unaware of this list of reports / indictments, from reputable bodies, not least of all the Inter American Commission on Human Rights. There a few things from / about Venezuela that upset me these days. However the sheer racism of these bloody advocates, of a military dictator let's never forget, pontificating from the distance about how our country should be run, or giving their opinion, as if they knew, as if actually someone cared for what they think, still gets into me. So here's an invitation to Sean Penn: leave the comfort of your life and move, permanently, say for a year, to Venezuela, or Cuba. Spend some time there, away from official protection, and try to earn a living as that 80% you say Chavez has given the chance to dream. Then, after a while,  go back to your pampered, meaningless, and decadent existence, and talk about the realities of living under a megalomanic strongman.

Perhaps then, you will understand how unfounded your opinions about our country are. Perhaps then, you will understand half of the story, and you will be able to see things within proper context. Can you put your money where your mouth is Sean?


StJacques said...

Well, I see Sean Penn ticked you off too Alek.  I put up my own post about his pro-Castro activism last November.  There are two things I see in the support for leftist regimes and policies among the Hollywood elite that bother me; one is their isolation from meaningful debate, and a second is that they do see how they play an important role--and it does have an impact--among the media elite who actively support these left wing regimes and policies day in and day out, by providing a social support network that encourages the distortionist journalistic and editorial policies that predominate among the mainstream media in America and elsewhere.

The isolation of the Hollywood types from meaningful debate is the cornerstone of their activism.  They are never held to account for it within any kind of meaningful forum for public discussion and this permits them to espouse their beliefs within arguments that are essentially "true by definition," which is generally a foundation block for leftist agitators everywhere.  But I have studied formal Logic at an advanced level and I know that any argument that is true by definition commits the informal fallacy of logical or rhetorical argument known as Petitio Principii, otherwise referred to as either "Begging the Question" or "Assuming the Initial Premise."  Without fallacious argumentation they would be nowhere, as anyone who examines what you have posted in the links within the above entry will see.  And I doubt you will get a response from Sean Penn either, not that I think you expect one, because leaving the privacy of protected rhetoric that excludes opposing viewpoints is a step that would threaten their raison d'être, which is to pronounce the world as they wish it to be while ignoring it as it is in reality.

But their social role as supporters of the Kaffe Klatsch Left within the mainstream media who support their views in the print and broadcast media on a daily basis is actually much more important, and is where these glitzy sycophants do their real damage.  All one has to do to see this is to track the really left-wing regulars at the Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, or the Huffington Post and then see how they interact with the Hollywood left and you will get an understanding of how the network operates.  Put the leftist dribble out there for everyone to see and you will get your invitations to the appropriate parties and gatherings, where you won't have to buy your cocaine, the chicks will be hanging on you, and a good time will be had by all.  Did you track the Honduran crisis in the Huffington Post?  Did you see how Alec Baldwin came in to comment and commend the fools trying to twist the story of what happened into a scenario of a military coup--without ever naming one general in command by the way--and how the leftist bloggers all chimed in?

They really are disgusting.



firepigette said...

Interesting theme Alek.I cannot abide the likes of Sean Penn.He dies so much damage.

St Jacques, your words explain a lot.

To touch briefly on another dimension of the same issue:

There are psychological tendencies that play into the making of this phenomena.A lot has to do with the emotional make- up of certain common personality types.Certain people might be innately intelligent but unable to exercise that intelligence properly in some ways due to interference from their feelings and or emotions.

While we all have the same emotions and feelings, we do not all have them in the same order.Not all of us have the great need to be loved and admired by " society" as a whole, as greatly as some others do.Some of us have more need for respect,and others have more need for understanding the world at large.

Logic is not a always a central need.For some folks the great " need " is for belonging and for admiration by the mainstream group.These people tend to become and/or follow the 'in' crowd,beloved celebrities, famous folks of all kinds, and generally those with status in the outer world.

For those who have the freedom to follow logic, this appears as insane, and it is very much so when taken to the degree that some take it.

AB said...

What gets into me is the schism between word and praxis of these bloody Hollywood idiots. And it's not only Penn I'm talking about: Madonna, Brangelina, Clooney... mind all these imbeciles are really convinced that knowledge, sensibility, respect, consideration, etc. come with celebrity status. They've been so hyped up by the prevailing tabloid mentality, that they honestly think that someone cares about their opinions on matters that are completely out of their grasp. For what credentials, intellectual, academic, professional or otherwise, have Penn to say the things he say about Chavez, or about Cuba? How about fucking Oliver Stone, or Danny Glover?

These are people of no consequence in their own countries, so they catapult their irrelevance by making inane statements about issues well out of their depth. In doing so, what they end up projecting is the cruelest form of modern day racism: i.e. telling the other that they know better what's in the other's best interest, akin to say for instance, to the millions of people that oppose Chavez and Castro: you're too stupid, or incapable, to think and decide for yourself, about how your life ought to be governed by the State.

StJacques said...

Yes Alek, they are absolutely irrelevant as thinkers. They are extremely shallow and, if I may be permitted to play psychologist here, I believe they know it and they take comfort in their leftist activism because the MSM gives them an audience to hear their views, which for these Hollywood types is as close as they will ever come to being rewarded for their [un]intelligence.

But even though they are irrelevant as thinkers, they remain influential as a support group for the media elite. That is why they are dangerous, and I do look at them that way, because they form a barrier to the dissemination of factual evidence about, well, everything, and they also help to advance the notion that one does not need to educate oneself about important matters to learn how to deal with them. Just ask the people who are there to tell you what to think and how to respond. That way you do not risk being unaccepted socially if your views are challenged.


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