16 July 2010

FARC in Venezuela: Uribe exposes Chavez

In what could well be the final nail in the coffin of Hugo Chavez international standing, outgoing Alvaro Uribe has acted on the pile of evidence of Chavez - FARC links he's been sitting on, and ordered his minister of defence to release information that proves the presence of Colombian narco terrorists in Venezuela. A report reveals in exquisite detail where and how FARC leaders live and meet in Venezuela.

Now the question is: will recently appointed Henry Rangel Silva, designated by US authorities as collaborator of FARC, see to the arrests of any of the terrorists exposed as living in Venezuela?

Spain is still waiting on investigations, information, or indeed any sign, indicating that ETA terrorists in Venezuela, such as Arturo Cubillas Fontan, will be arrested and/or deported...

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