3 February 2010

Did Chavez say Haiti earthquake was caused by USA?

Must admit, I have been a bit slow on some developments lately, however upon reading this morning the news about whether or not Chavez said that Haiti's earthquake had been caused by some "earthquake weapon" operated by the US Navy, I decided to dig a little to establish who said what.

The Venezuelan führer did not say that Haiti's earthquake was caused by the US, or its "earthquake weapons". However, articles containing information about a so called  "experimental earthquake", caused by the USA according to "Russian sources" were published in five propaganda outlets of the Chavez regime, see below. Therefore, I reckon reports saying that Chavez said so, although not exactly accurate, can be forgiven in light of the stuff published by official  Venezuelan "information" outlets.


StJacques said...

Okay, mea culpa.

I have updated my post on this topic to distinguish Chavez from the actions of his regime.


I insist on accuracy too Alek.

Hope you are well.


AB said...

Well, there's certainly no shortage of insanities coming from Chavez, so there's no need to attribute to him things that he has not said. Having said, I find fascinating that some of the most important chavista disinformation outlets ran the story, including MINCI. More than appalling, it's a pathetic demonstration of the sort of people running the show...