25 February 2010

Venezuela: rights & IACHR report

Readers will remember that two days after HRW published a report about systematic violations of human rights in Cuba, an inflamed mob of state-sponsored thugs attacked journalist Reinaldo Escobar in Havana, thus providing confirmation of how correct HRW's report was. The fact that political prisoners on hunger strike are left to die, isn't improving Cuba's human rights appalling record. The kangaroo courts of Hugo Chavez, not to be outdone by the other dictatorship in the region, annulled election of anti-Chavez mayor yesterday, the very day the Inter American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) published a scathing report, which criticises the lack of independence in Venezuela's judiciary, and the constant encroachment of civil and political rights. It is worth noting, as explained in IACHR's report under "The modifications of the powers of elected authorities", that this is just another instance -remember Antonio Ledezma- in which a democratically elected official is stripped of its powers and office by the Chavez regime. In the meanwhile Venezuelan diplomats are exposed by the IACHR as nothing but liars.

Perhaps in trying to grant some recognition to Venezuela's social agenda, the report repeated, in point 993, that UNESCO had declared Venezuela "a land free of illiteracy", according to the Venezuelan State. As my readers know, that claim is just another lie of the Chavez regime. But then again, had IACHR officials been allowed into the country, as requested since 2003 without success, they would have surely realised how fallacious such a claim is.

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