23 February 2010

Henri Falcon says Chavez PSUV party is a sham

Venezuelan press has been abuzz with Henri Falcon's resignation from Chavez's socialist party (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela or PSUV). International news outlets also echoed the news, given its significance: Henri falcon was until days ago a true chavista, and, as Daniel argues, one of the very few with enough political muscle of his own to be able to tell Chavez to piss off. But what strikes me as bizarre, is that the best quote of the open letter he sent to the caudillo, has not been picked up by any of the commentators of this particular event:
"En mi criterio, actualmente esta organización está muy lejos de cumplir los fines para los que fue creada. Ha sido minada por la burocracia, la ausencia de discusión, el clientelismo, el grupalismo y un mal entendido concepto de la lealtad."
"In my opinion, this organisation (PSUV) is currently very far from the goals for which it was created. It has been undermined by bureaucracy, absence of debate, clientelism, group thinking and a misunderstood concept of loyalty."
I must say that Henri Falcon has provided us with one of the most succinct and precise definitions of chavismo. Other chavistas are empathising with Falcon. Trouble ahead for the putschist?


StJacques said...

This is a most interesting topic Alek.

I learned of Henry (spelling?) Falcon's tensions with Chavez when Hugo threatened to nationalize the Lara state police during the student demonstrations in January following the closure of RCTV's cable channel. Falcon rejected the threat and promised to oppose such action if it was taken.

I was also struck by a prediction Ibsen Martinez made in an editorial published in the Colombian newspaper El Espectador at the end of January. Martinez said that there was now a crisis within Chavismo that was so profound it might (in translation) "well hinder the aspirations of Chavez to seek re-election in 2012."

I wondered if Martinez was just speaking hopefully when I read that, even though I knew of Falcon's dispute over the police matter already. I guess there may be something to it after all.



AB said...

The motto of this blog says it all really: no self respecting, questioning individual has a chance within chavismo. What Chavez wants are puppets, yes-men, sycophants, zombies. Thinking individuals that question his authority are, quite simply, not part of the tribe. Remember: chavismo is a cult, based on the leadership and charisma of a fundamentalist caudillo, and his PSUV party, as Falcon rightly put it, is mired in group think, absence of meaningful debate, clientelism, clapping seals, etc. Chavez dictates what happens in PSUV, as he does in all spheres of public institutions in Venezuela.

BUt then again, even the seals get hungry...