1 February 2010

Chavez ta ponchao: Where's BBC professionalism when most need it?

After the coup that briefly ousted Hugo Chavez from his domain in 2002, a couple of Irish film makers, who, chance would have it, purportedly found themselves witnessing the whole shebang, produced a 'documentary' that captured those fateful days. The 'documentary', deceivingly called The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, won prizes all around, and Kim Bartley and Donacha O'Brian, its producers, were catapulted to chavista stardom. Such success would never had materialised had it not been for the endorsement that the BBC and other European broadcasters lent to the film, for it was later revealed that chronology of events was altered in order to meet a particular, utterly misleading, storyline. In short, pure propaganda. Nonetheless, the film, and its producers, did enjoy 15 minutes of fame. Now contrast that with the latest exercise in propaganda, produced sans BBC by Venezuela's official channel (Venezolana de Television), fabricating a storyline in an attempt to charge, presumably with treason and sedition, RCTV journalist Miguel Angel Rodriguez, for allegedly having made public calls for a military solution to rid Venezuela of Hugo Chavez:


StJacques said...


This is just to let you know that I "back-link posted" a short entry linking to this article today.

I am appalled to see history rewritten with the collaboration of the MSM. They need to be "outed" for this kind of perfidious conduct. Good job on your part!

All the best!



AB said...

Thanks again very much for linking StJacques. The Beeb, unfortunately, bought the storyline, forgot about rules and regulations, and propagated the lie, for a while. However, by the time we got to take it into account it was already too late. Fortunately, Hugo Chavez is just such an utterly deranged fellow, that no amount of propaganda, professional or otherwise, can maintain for long a benign image.

Mind you, how can you possibly spin, for instance, what they have been caught doing in the videos linked in the post?

StJacques said...

Well obviously they cannot spin it and get away with it in any open and fair review of what happened, but that does not mean they will not try.

What really bothers me on this issue is that Chavez is now visibly in trouble and I have been expecting a rush to his defense on the part of the MSM, which means that the issue you raise is just the sort of thing they might try to do.

I expect to see more from them along the same vein, sadly. I'm just waiting for that MSM article that is going to attempt to present some very warped statistical analysis telling us that the poor in Venezuela are actually benefiting in ways they never have before, that the Venezuelan economy will improve when new oil and gas projects come online, that the banking crisis in the U.S. spilled over and hurt the Venezuelans too, etc.

I know it's coming. Stay after it Alek. I've got the RSS feed for your blog added as a gadget to my iGoogle page and I'll stay on top of what you post.